Client: HomeBob

Project: iOS & Android app

Peace of mind, mentally and economically

HomeBob keeps track
 of your home

HomeBob is an intelligent app that gathers data about your home in one place, gives you qualified advice and allows you to share relevant tasks and information with others.

HomeBob gives you an overview of activities in and around your home and helps you prioritize your home's tasks. HomeBob is an individualized solution based on the information it is fed with. That way, HomeBob knows your needs so you can get help and advice for just what you need.

A platform that provides
 an overview of all house duties in order to reduce h
ome risks and save money.

Worry less, save money and stay in control.

Financial responsibilities might be the prominent worries of a house owner. However, time and labor are equired in order to keep up with regular home maintenance tasks in order to spare yourself from future headaches and wasted money.

Jeg installerede HomeBob på min telefon. Jeg fik alle oplysninger uden nogle problemer. Super smart, da jeg her har mulighed for, at holde det hele samlet.

Søren, Sjøllund

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