Client: Svitzer

Project: iPad App

Log book for tug pilots

Staying focused on the task at hand, not writing in an old log book

The Svitzer Tug app is a tool for pilots working on tugboats helping big ships in and out of harbours around the globe. Being a tugboat pilot is risky business and one must stay alert at all times. This is why we designed the Svitzer Tug app to be a simple and usable tool, always ready at hand, but never in the way since the pilots need to keep their eye on the task in front of them. All the pilots have to do is press a big button in the middle of the screen each time they want to add a new timestamp to the log. And that is it. Quick and easy.

The app was coded in Xamarin.Forms which limited our design options, but we still managed to stay close to the Svitzer CVI and create a useful log book tool for tugboat pilots everywhere.

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