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Saving time for the whole nation


The Danish Agency for Digitisation wanted to alleviate the annoyance associated with the analogue NemID identification card – logging in to digital services had to be made stress-free and easy while still making users feel safe.


We created an app that gives quick access to all the stuff you want to keep safe - still as safe as before, just a lot faster and easier to get to.

Login made easy and accessible

The NemID app allows for quick login and is always available, right in your pocket. It has had a lot of interest from the get-go with 206.400 downloads within the first 24 hours and more than 2 million active users in February 2020.

During the project we faced the challenge of designing a user interface that needed to be trustworthy. Users needed to feel as safe as they did with the old analogue solution but a lot less annoyed.

Familiarity and safety

In order to make the digital version of the NemID seem familiar and safe, we worked a lot with the visual expression of the solution and tried to maintain the key visual components that made the solution recognisable to users.

A friendly app as an alternative to a worn out piece of paper

A piece of paper is easy to forget – a smartphone, however, is not. We keep it with us at all times which is why it made perfect sense to move NemID’s services to our phones. It is always right at hand, easy and accessible.

206.400 downloads the first 24 hours.

5 million downloads and 3 million unique users by 2020.

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