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UX redesign

Finding the right loan made easy and approachable


Jyske Bank wanted to redesign the Bedste Lån App (Best Loan App) and make it as relevant and useful to the everyday loan takers as it was to the experts - thereby making complicated loan options comprehensible to us all.


We used our extensive knowledge within user experience and created an app redesign that was both accessible and user-friendly, while focusing on easy navigation through complicated loan options and selections.

Bedste Lån (Best Loan) is an app for everyone

The target audience for Bedste Lån is a varied and broad group of people – but essentially it is for every adult in Denmark who is capable of taking out a loan. For this reason, it was essential to Jyske Bank that the app was accessible to everyone – not just from a technical perspective but also from a design perspective. It needed to be simple and easy for users to get an overview of the loans and offers regardless of them being customers at Jyske Bank or not.

Alignment for cohesive experience

Based on our initial user research, we worked on the overall user experience, but areas such as wording and colour schemes were important to make the app seem more approachable to the everyday user. Throughout the project we aligned all changes with existing systems to create as cohesive an experience as possible. 

Breathing new life into an existing service

Keeping digital experiences alive sometimes requires rethinking and redesign. Jyske Bank wanted to keep the Bedste Lån App relevant and even more user friendly, and that is what we helped them achieve.

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