Android App


UX Design

Modernising and simplifying the work day for the service technicians at Brunata


Brunata wanted to replace an old hardware solution for consumption measurements with a more efficient and user-friendly system. As UX designers, we had to dive into an unknown field with specialised information and gather knowledge in a technically challenging area.


Through close collaboration with service technicians, we developed an Android app to easily collect the meter data, without the fear of system crashes, user errors and lost data, even without service technicians having to enter the household.

Brunata makes energy consumption rewarding – as their digital solutions should be

Brunata is a service company that provides measurements and allocation of energy consumption as well as production & delivery of consumption accounts. They also collect and analyse consumption data. The previous system was time-consuming, inefficient and inconvenient for the service technicians, which is why Brunata invited us on board to assist with our expertise in user journeys and efficient digital solutions.

User-friendly design for specialists

The users of the system are service technicians who visit the customers and collect the data. Without much knowledge of the industry, our task was to visualise the user journey and make it more efficient. However, with our expertise in cloud solutions, we designed an app that could directly measure energy consumption. For this, we used our UX, UI, prototyping, and user testing know-how. The overall design process also included sketching by hand and ideation. 

Specialist collaboration ensure specialist solution

We started out with a full 5-day Trifork Accelerate Design Sprint where we aligned our goals and know-how. The project encompassed advanced and technical information for which we had to develop a data flow and create a plan on how to deliver the UX part of the design. We sketched down key screens in black & white wireframe and went on to perform user testing with interviews. The app is for a very specific use and the main purpose was to simplify and streamline the work. Besides Duckwisers, our collaboration team also included developers from Trifork and a team from Brunata.

Adaptable and dedicated digital design

The product owners were dedicated and adaptable to new ways of doing design and ready to leave old-school systems and solutions behind. Working with us was their first experience with digital design. We prioritised time working with the team on ideation and prototyping sessions. We finished the project on time and with a new understanding of technologies and industries that we did not have experience in before. 

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