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Product Design

Business objective

The Danish State Railways (DSB) is the largest rail operator in Denmark. With the increasing demand for digital services, DSB acknowledged the need for a mobile app that would make it easier for customers to book and manage their journeys.


The DSB app seamlessly integrates journey planning, ticket purchase, and relevant travel information creating a personal travel companion for passengers - resulting in a simple and intuitive travel experience for passengers across the country.

Digital traveling

The process was centered around user needs and focused on fulfilling their requirements. We started the project with collaborative workshops consisting of business, design, and tech team members. We went through ideation, user research, and sketching of concepts to be tested and validated with real users.

500.000 passengers a day

From the beginning, the process was human-centric and based on user needs, resulting in an app that is simple to navigate and provides full support for the passengers' travel needs, integrated into the products, payment, and ticket inspection.

The brand design aimed at supporting DSB's brand identity. We integrated the same color palette, fonts, etc., to maintain the DSB brand's recognizability.

“It was an educational journey with many exciting steps. We had a dedicated team from DSB and Duckwise who were never afraid to challenge the original concept in order to create the best travel app for our passengers."
- Anette Kudsk, Digital Project Manager, DSB

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