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Digitising the transportation sector


We were challenged by DSB, Denmark’s largest train operating company, to create a simple and intuitive travel experience for their passengers, with a vision to “make the journey easier, personal and simple while bringing the customer and DSB closer together”.


We created an app that is focused on making the travel experience more personal and convenient for passengers before, during and after their journey, by seamlessly integrating journey planning, ticket purchase and relevant travel information - resulting in a personal travel companion for each passenger.

Human-centric design process

From a design perspective, our goal was to create an app that was simple to navigate and yet still provided full support to the customers’ travel needs, which were integrated with products, payments and ticket inspection. From the beginning, the process was human-centric and based on user needs, which is why we started the project with collaborative workshops consisting of team members from business, design and tech. We went through ideation, user research and sketching of concepts to be tested and validated with real users.

Close collaboration

We started working on the project with DSB and Trifork in 2017, where we mapped out our vision and goals for the solution. During the main design phase, we worked closely with developers and key stakeholders from DSB and continued to do so for the remainder of the project. A lot of information and integrations had to be considered and therefore a close collaboration was key in order for us to succeed in making the app as simple as possible for the users. Our collaboration was built on mutual trust as we valued long-term impact over just building another app. 

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