Technology and event management




User testing

On-premise user testing foundation for app creation


GOTO wanted an app that offered a smooth interaction between speakers and participants to help create an overview of the conferences, facilitate debates and provide easy navigation for participants.


Based on insights from on-premise user testing, we created a new structure that not only worked as a template for the solution but also became a collaborative tool for all stakeholders.

Supporting a great conference experience with a digital service

Created for developers, by developers, GOTO Conferences is a series of software development conferences focused on gathering the best minds in the software community to bring the most interesting topics to light.

GOTO website, 2020

GOTO is centered around tech knowledge and thereby, it is only natural that their conferences are supported by an app – the GOTO Guide app. It works as an information hub that provides participants with an easy overview of talks and tracks, planned events as well as the extensive list of speakers. 

But why stop there? Why not think bigger and include the user feedback to create a scalable app foundation that may be applicable for other conferences.

Field tests at GOTO

With our heavy arsenal of testing methods, we went to the GOTO conference in Copenhagen. We met a wide array of participants who were more than happy to take part in our studies and tests and provide us with some valuable insights into how the app could be improved.

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