Industriens Pension AS






UX, UI, Digital Branding

All about your pension easily available


Industriens Pension needed an app where all their customers could have easy access to information about their pensions and insurances – presented in a simple and comprehensible way.


Duckwise designed an app that is user-friendly and provides a quick overview to ensure that customers do not experience unpleasant surprises in regards to their personal economy and health.

Making pension accessible

Industriens Pension wanted to offer an app where users can overview their pension and insurances in a way that required little effort by the end-user. It had to show data about deposits, returns, payouts, insurance plans as well as several other features so the user could get a clear outline of their current situation and expectations.

Starting with a workshop

We started our collaboration with Industriens Pension in 2017 with a design thinking workshop along with Trifork’s Accelerate process that provided a well-functioning structure and great communication for the duration of the entire project. This provided us with a good foundation for creating a user interface that expands the digital branding of Industriens Pension, while still ensuring a smooth and easy user-experience.  

More work