Making a stronger connection by simplifying mortgage loan processes




From initial workshops to final design

Business objective

The mortgage loan process in Denmark is lengthy, complex and involves several financial specialists. Systems are outdated and involve large amounts of manual input by advisors. This leads to mistakes and long waiting times for clients. Due to their complexity, the current systems do not address the users in question - the mortgage loan takers. Sydbank and Bankdata joined forces with Trifork and Duckwise to address these problems. Using a Trifork Accelerate design thinking workshop, we carried out a thorough ideation process based on needs analysis. From here, we set out to design a mortgage loan system aimed at providing an intuitive and engaging dialogue tool for advisors and their clients.


In close collaboration with financial experts, architects, developers and end users, we designed a solution that simulated and effectuated mortgage scenarios. In addition to providing a user-friendly, scalable and visually intuitive interface, the solution needed to comply with the complex legal landscape surrounding mortgage loans. Therefore, we carried out weekly co-creation workshops with advisors, bringing together our design skills and their field-specific expertise. Building the solution, we have scaled and documented an entire design system. The design system provides rules and guidelines for the design - from single icons to large complex components - allowing us to stay consistent while efficiently designing new features.

“This new solution is undoubtedly helping us. We are used to a very heavy process with many different systems and re-entries. With the new solution, we finally get what we’ve always wanted – one unified process where everything happens in a very user-friendly and intuitive flow. With the new solution, we can now spend our time on what we’re really good at, namely advising our clients.”

Charlotte Borre Sørensen, Bank Advisor Sydbank




calculations / week


avg. of saved hours per case

Our role

Interaction design • Information architecture • Flow mapping • Design sprint • User testing • Workshops • Design system • Iconography • Animations • Pixel perfect UI design


The implementation of the solution with the member banks has been a great success. More than 2,400 bank advisors use the system to create more than 1,200 calculations a week. The streamlined workflow saves on average 2.5 hours per mortgage case.

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