Simplifying administration for workmen on the go




UX and Design

Business objective

Lemvig-Müller, a large Danish steel and supplies wholesaler, wanted a specific online store solution where spare parts could be viewed and purchased in an e-shop by workmen on-the-go, while also keeping track of their work.


We created a user-friendly app where we combined e-commerce with additional features like registering parts used on site, billing hours and a built-in calendar for appointments.

Creating efficiency by recording time and ordering parts

Lemvigh-Müller assemble, pack, and deliver thousands of products every year. In addition to being an efficient and reliable logistics partner, Lemvigh-Müller offers a range of other services and solutions tailored to make everyday life as easy and efficient as possible for their customers.

They have a great digital solution, that not only acts as an e-commerce system, but it also has personalized sites and a complimentary mobile app. Our design and UX for the app ensured a simple navigation and an easy overview, thus minimizing the non-productive time for the workmen.

The solution greatly facilitates buying spare parts from the Lemvigh-Müller webshop for workmen who are on-the-go, while at the same time, giving an overview of available stock at the nearest physical shop. The app includes a feature for finding items by scanning the barcode. The user also has access to electronic worksheets where they can record hours and items.

As usual, we took care of the design, and in collaboration with Trifork, who developed the app, delivered a solution that met the challenges and ensured that Lemvigh-Müller makes life even easier and more efficient for workmen.

The app was awarded the Danish E-commerce prize in 2012 in the B2B category.

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