Connecting citizens with their local pharmacy

Connecting citizens with their local pharmacy




Digital Health


Product design

Business objective

The Association of Danish Pharmacies experienced increasing customer demand for self-service and digital access to their prescription status, medicine, and vaccines.


The ‘Pharmacy’ app connects you with your local pharmacy. The platform was designed to provide customers with a complete overview of information such as vaccines, medicine, and prescription status, making the process of handling healthcare products more efficient.

200.000 users in one year

The Product Designers took a data-driven approach, drawing on user research and testing, to make informed decisions about the user flow. They worked closely with various stakeholders to understand the needs and identify key features and functionalities.

Comprehensible design

With a clean and minimalistic design approach, the designers set out to create an interface and navigation that could display large amounts of different information such as medication intake, prescriptions, educational resources etc. in a comprehensible way.