Welcome to our smart building

Welcome to our smart building


Beckhoff Automation ApS


Smart Building


Product Design / Design System

Business objective

Beckhoff Automation ApS needed a new design for their HMI (Human Machine Interface), which can be used for smart buildings. While the HMI was well-built technically, it was in need of improvements to ensure usability for all users.


We provided a new interface design for their HMI focused on simplifying and streamlining the design. This improved usability and ensured a better user experience.

Complex automation

We implemented a new interface design that offers guidance to the user and limits the amount of information being presented. The goal was to simplify complex automation processes, enhance usability, and improve the overall user experience.

User-friendly HMI

Our Product Designers conducted a thorough research and interview process to examine users’ interactions with the previous HMI. This provided an understanding of the user journey and ways to improve it.

“Duckwise have a user-centered approach to design which benefitted the whole process, as they challenged us with “why” and “what” in terms of the user experience and what the application was meant for”

Michael Nielsen, Managing Director at Beckhoff Automation ApS.

Approachable design

We delivered a clean and more seamless design focusing on creating an interface for the HMIs that would be more approachable for the users.

This included reducing the amount of information the users had to encounter while enhancing the most used features.