A strong brand across all digital touchpoints

A strong brand across all digital touchpoints




Smart Enterprise

Business objective

Arkyn wanted to create a strong brand identity and enhance the visibility of its product suite within the B2B SaaS market. The company specializes in user-friendly iOS apps designed to optimize SAP plant maintenance and customer service processes for large enterprises globally, focusing on delivering speed and excellent performance.


During our collaboration, we helped create Arkyn's brand identity, developed their initial website, and aligned their app interfaces, resulting in a unified brand image, strengthened online presence, and enhanced user experience.

Optimizing SAP processes

Arkyn’s easy-to-use apps support key tasks performed by field and plant maintenance workers, including Work Order Management, Asset Management, Time Registration, and Digital Forms.

The goal of the collaboration was to have an intuitive and user-friendly interface comparable to that of consumer-grade software, both on the website and in the apps.

“Duckwise played a key role in establishing Arkyn as a brand, both visually and verbally. They not only shaped the Arkyn brand identity but laid a robust foundation for our further development”

Martin Holm Nielsen

CEO at Arkyn

Creating the visual identity

We created a new visual identity to strengthen the Arkyn brand and its product suite, involving a new color palette that seamlessly extends across platforms and digital touchpoints.

Our choice of a green color palette not only symbolizes a sense of relaxation and visual ease but also serves as a strategic representation of growth, harmony, and environmental consciousness.