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PLO & Ældre- og sundhedsministeriet


App design development, UX, UI

Business objective

Although the overall public health system is built around the same set of principles, every doctor has a slightly different approach to how they handle their daily tasks. Therefore, the task was to design an app for a healthcare platform where you can communicate with your doctor. There was also a need for a convenient way to overview prescriptions, appointments, plans, and doctor information.


Once the software automated connecting to different databases, we had to make it work for the doctors and the citizens. We decided how to visualize the data to the user in a way that they would get all the necessary features in an easy and simplified way. The product is a user friendly app that makes it easier for you to reach your doctor at all times, and if you have kids you can also administer their information.

A collaboration story

The initiative to develop an app like Min Læge came from PLO (Praktiserende Lægers Organisation) and Sundheds - og Ældreministeriet, who together decided to use Trifork as the main software developer. Duckwise was responsible for making sure that the designs meet the needs of the people. For Min Læge to work, we had to build a system and combine data from four different systems (LPS - Lægepraksissystem) that doctors were using across their practices. The data was delivered by PLSP (Primærsektorens Leverandør Service Platform).

An app for everyone

It's about being inclusive. We make sure that the elderly can overview their medical prescriptions, that the soon-to-be-moms can receive feedback on their pregnancy scans, and teenagers can set appointments for their vacation vaccines. We intuitively picked the necessary supporting features at the beginning of our design process, and continuously developed, added, and refined new features that make it easier to navigate within the healthcare system. Our thoughts behind the tools are based on trust, confidence, and simplification.

Visualizing sensitive data

We worked closely with our partners to gather, share and discuss healthcare information, even though we didn't have access to actual data from citizens regarding their disease history, names, and personal identity. This meant we had to develop a new way of thinking and navigating in a system where there were gaps between private and sensitive information.

Agile design thinking

We showed how to break a large project into more manageable tasks. Min Læge is a collaboration between many stakeholders, which required an organized and communicative approach. Our way of working is based on agile project management. Through meetings and updates with all involved partners every month, we enabled the whole team to adapt to change quickly and deliver fast.

Flexibility, transparency, and iterative development are crucial in our agile approach. It required close collaboration with PLO, PLSP, Trifork, users and other partners. Thereby, we secure that the product is customized, and the focus is centered around value creation, without fixed specifications. With delegation and empowerment, we show how to drive a long term project with ongoing launches, and this has given Min Læge a flying start.

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