Min Læge




Digital Health, Public


App design development, UX, UI

Business objective

The Danish Ministry of the Interior, The Danish Ministry of Health, and PLO came together to digitalize the communication between patients and their general practitioners.


The “MyDoctor App” provides convenient and accessible healthcare services to patients. The design is streamlined to allow easy navigation of the healthcare system. The app provides the same experience to all patients no matter which doctor they have.

Designing for the general Danish population

The ‘MyDoctor App’ process involved close collaboration between product designers, developers, and healthcare professionals.

The team conducted design thinking workshops and mapped out user journeys to understand the needs and preferences of the patients before putting pen to paper.

Digital but human

The ‘MyDoctor App’ design seeks to induce a sense of trust, confidentiality, and accessibility, bringing the atmosphere of the doctor’s office into the patient’s home.

This was achieved by introducing a clean and uncluttered interface with intuitive navigation – optimized for both desktop and mobile devices to ensure easy access.

Get in touch with your doctor at home

The My Doctor App is in continuous development as new features are introduced. One of the new key features is video consultation – offering patients to connect with medical professionals via smartphone or computer. The aim is to provide easy, secure, and user-friendly access to medical care from home, focusing on privacy and compliance.