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Region Hovedstaden


Visual Identity, Web platform, Wordpress CMS

Business objective

Region Hovedstaden, who is the owner of this project, wanted to collect all public information about electric vehicles in Denmark and display them from one place. One place with all relevant and independent news, events, and information.


We have developed a web platform in cooperation with our green partner Gate21, where we made it possible for various partners to post news and events from the EV world. Furthermore, we have enabled the editors to collect and update information about EVs for various citizen groups and support this experience with interactive elements.

A site for everyone

The content is separated into three main sectors: private persons, businesses, and municipalities and the public.
Apart from categorized content, it contains interactive elements for any group that communicates information about electric vehicles.

A complete charging station map

Denmark has an extensive network of charging stations, with new ones popping up almost every day. To make life simpler, we created an interactive map in cooperation with ChargeX, so users can see all charging stations by visiting just one site.

The user can then filter charging stations based on socket type or provider.

Copenhagen Electric in The Capital Region of Denmark and a circle of public and private partners are behind the new service, aimed towards private individuals, businesses, and public customers. It is the first of its kind in Denmark with neutral information about electric vehicles and charging stations.

Built for editors

Combining the editorial board of and its partners was a challenge made easy by implementing a custom template for WordPress. Duckwise delivered a series of blocks allowing the editors to create interactive and easy-to-grasp content.

It also allows for extended control over the content published to ensure its neutrality and accessibility.

Interactive elements

The website is further extended with a catalogue presenting an overview of cars available on the Danish market. The data is available from Charge X, Copenhagen Electric's main data supplier.
Users can filter on different car parameters and compare them when browsing.

More work

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