Improving the work day for the service technicians

Improving the work day for the service technicians




Smart Building


Design Sprint, Product design

Business objective

Brunata, a service company that measures and manages energy consumption, wanted to improve its hardware solution for consumption measurements as it was time-consuming, inefficient, and inconvenient.


We delivered an innovative app that streamlines the collection of consumption measurements by minimizing the risk of system crashes, user errors, and data loss. The result is a reliable and efficient solution that enhances the overall experience.

Specialized solution

We familiarized ourselves with specialized knowledge through a five-day design sprint, user journey, prototyping, and user testing.

We translated this into a simpler and more streamlined process for collecting data by introducing an interface for the app that could directly measure energy consumption.

A new direction

The Product Owners were dedicated and adaptable to new design methods and ready to leave old-school systems and solutions behind.

As Product Designers, we set out to create an app with a specific user group in mind: service technicians at Brunata.