A trustworthy leasing platform

A trustworthy leasing platform






Product Design

Business objective

Opendo was created by several Danish financial institutions and acquired Alm. Brand Leasing in 2021. As a result, the brand was heavily associated with this and needed to form its own identity through a new and recognizable brand.


We created a new website with an innovative brand identity, which was based on strategic insights from design thinking workshops. Additionally, we developed a digital showroom, an intuitive purchase flow, and a LeasingPro feature for business clients.

Key initials

We conducted a design thinking workshop to identify key strategic goals for the Opendo brand.

Opendo aimed to improve the customer experience by creating an innovative and user-friendly leasing environment. The platform presents leasing offers and credit approvals in a smooth purchasing experience.

Independent branding

We did a complete rebranding of Opendo to create an independent brand identity for them.

This included an updated color palette, a new design system and a brand that could scale to other platforms and digital contact points.

We focused on improving the user experience through a trustworthy site and easy flow for leasing.


We created the design for LeasingPro on an existing system so that business clients can keep track of their reports, kilometer deviation, and their leased cars intelligibly and easily.