Accessible, adjustable toilets for people with disabilities: digital key.


Pressalit Spaces




Smart Building


Brand Identity, Product Design

Business objective

Pressalit has made accessible toilet facilities for public places aimed at people with disabilities who are not able to use regular public accessible toilets. Pressalit needed a solution to restrict access, to ensure that the toilets are available only to those in need and authorized personnel.


We designed an app that serves as a digital key to access Pressalit Spaces, allowing only authorized users to access the toilet building. Additionally, the app provides users with a detailed description of available accessible bathroom aids, location on a map, the possibility of driver directions, and the option to give direct feedback.


Pressalit Spaces is a public restroom concept for people with extensive mobility impairments. It offers a safe, clean environment with all the necessary and adjustable aids for a toilet visit or personal care. The first Pressalit Spaces was established in the heart of Aarhus. A significant step towards a more inclusive and accessible city - something we fully support.

Small solution. Huge impact.

We created a coherent, thoughtful brand identity with fonts, a color palette, and a defined drawing style to support Pressalit Spaces’ goal of greater inclusivity while also taking Pressalit’s design guide into consideration.

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