Hey again, we’re Duckwise

A team of multidisciplinary creatives based in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Aalborg. We’re passionate about exploring the digital landscape and solving problems with design & technology. We simplify the complex and make it look good.

What we do is who we are

Our work is essential to us! The services we offer reflect our ambition to shape the future of digital business. We tailor our services to your needs.

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We make digital fly

Everyone deserves a quality digital experience

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Improving your business through digitization, can be one of the biggest challenges companies face today. We have thousands of hours of experience working with digital solutions, so if you intend to transform your business, we know how to make it a reality.

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Independent, but part of the Trifork family

We are owned by Trifork, which provides us with the ability to engage both big and small-scale digital projects from strategy to full implementation.

The advantage we hold is a direct collaboration with developers which gives us insights into the future of technology and enables us to provide a better service.

We’re a value-based company
Our bottom line is quality


Welcoming is the importance of making everyone feel included. We always encourage people to speak up and express their opinion. The same open arms approach applies to everyone at Duckwise and all our clients. We will always make you feel like you belong. Everyone is welcome here.


Playful is a state of mind keeping us open-minded while working hard. It’s a creative approach to tackle challenges and communicating with our peers. Being playful doesn’t mean we’re joking around. It means we’re able to joke around with creativity and notice solutions that remained hidden before. Being playful is closely related to being curious and optimistic.


Resourceful means we like a challenge, and nothing is holding us from achieving our project objectives. To come up with new and innovative ways of designing digital experience, we need to navigate in a world of ideas with effectiveness and focus. We are resourceful when using our time and skills.


Integrity is what keeps us together. It's our moral compass while we're flying high. No matter what, we strive for quality in our work and in our collaboration with clients. We dare to challenge you on even the most difficult decisions to ensure quality.

We set the bar high.

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