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Our services in Duckwise are as solid as the creatives we are. We set you on course with future-proof digital strategy and fly user-friendly products. Whenever we work with new clients, we make sure our digital services are adjusted to your needs.

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Digital strategy and concepts

We can identify and transform your business activities according to the digital needs and trends in the market. Enable you to harness the true power of new technologies and business opportunities. We develop innovative digital concepts that help you get an advantage over your competitors.

  • Digital concepts
  • Inspiration workshops
  • Challenge the existing
  • Strategy collaboration
  • Business Models
  • Sparring with board and directors

Designing digital solutions

We deliver fully integrated digital solutions built on thoroughly researched user needs and expectations. Every aspect from research to wireframing to user testing is necessary when we're delivering a high-quality experience. A good business is a design business.

  • User Experience design (UX)
  • Visual Design (UI)
  • User testing
  • Remote user testing via Preely
  • Business Intelligence
  • UX reviews
  • Information Architechture
  • Prototyping
  • Customer Journeys
  • Conversation design

Visual Design

We shape your business identity by creating visually appealing and practical design systems, that makes your brand engaging through an identity that reflects your digital strategy, values, and user needs. Illustrations and animations as well.

  • Brand Identity
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Visual Design (UI)
  • Illustrations
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D modelling

Promoting the experience

We deliver high-quality content to promote your services that speak to your community and customers. Everything around the experience of your solution can and will be carefully designed to meet your promotion needs. Promoting the experience is about engaging customers and stakeholders.

  • Promotion Video
  • "How to" guides
  • App Store Materials
  • Print materials
  • Presentations
  • Conference booth design

Developing for web

Developing quality digital solutions begins with the right strategy and design process, but it comes to life through skilled development. We deliver well performing front- and backend development using modern choices of technology and CMS products. We implement pleasurable user experiences, make life easy for content editors and prepare solutions for your marketing efforts.

  • Backend- and frontend development
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Microsites
  • Intranet for small business
  • Promotion websites
  • Corporate websites

Developing apps and business tools

Developing complex and secure solutions with new technology is a daunting task. We are fluent in using new technology to build solutions for the next generation. We are perfectly positioned to deliver your solution through seamless collaboration with the best developers in Denmark through our close partnership with Trifork.

  • Wearables
  • Connected Services (IoT)
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Voice bots
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Business Applications
  • Secure solutions / NemID
  • Native and hybrid apps
  • Business tools

Our approach

We have developed our design methodology based on design thinking and collaboration practices. This has enabled us to build our service offerings on a strong foundation.

Understand - icon


We begin our design process by understanding the domain, the users and the problem we want to solve.

Define - icon


We work with our insights, structure them, and define opportunities to create meaningful solutions.

Ideate - icon


We come up with and map ideas on solving the defined problems and choose the most promising ideas.

Create - icon


We visualize ideas as flows and prototypes to get a realistic representation of possible solutions.

Validate - icon


We test our solutions with users and make sure that they solve the identified problems.

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