Transforming the conventional conference experience

Transforming the conventional conference experience


Alliance of Democracies




UI and UX Design

Business objective

Alliance of Democracies needed a platform to improve and modernize the conference experience for their attendees. In addition, they needed solutions for the practicality surrounding programs, information, and smooth interaction between speakers and participants. Finally, they wanted to help facilitate debates around democratic subjects – before, during, and after the conference.


An intuitive native app lets participants see and customize their program, chat with other participants, receive conference information, and participate in live audience polls.


The app features: voting and live feed polling, live submission of questions, schedule, feedback, and ratings for each session. Further, it includes speaker bios, access to The Democracy Defender newsletters, and extensive archives of the Alliance of Democracies projects and initiatives.

Visual Identity

The Alliance of Democracies Foundation, which organizes The Copenhagen Democracy Summit, is a high-level strategic forum exclusively focused on advancing democracy across the globe. The app’s branding is based on the Foundation’s existing DNA and supports its visual identity.