Your pension – easily available

Your pension – easily available


Industriens Pension




Product Design, Brand Identity

Business objective

Pension and insurance can be hard to understand as they are complex concepts, and there's much information to comprehend. Industriens Pension recognized an opportunity to improve the information display, realizing their current system could be even more user-friendly.


To resolve this, we designed an app that presented pension and insurance information in an easy-to-understand format providing customers with a quick overview of data such as deposits, returns, payouts, insurance plans, etc.

Easy access

The app’s purpose is to grant users easy access to information. 

Through a design thinking workshop, we outlined how to convey sensitive and personal data in a digestible format supported by a user-friendly visual design.

A smooth experience

In the design process, we focused on providing a user interface that expands the digital branding of Industriens Pension while ensuring a smooth and easy user experience.