Modernizing transportation with digital design

Modernizing transportation with digital design






Product Design


App design


When DSB’s new mobile travel companion was launched, it enabled a strong and immediate impact on the operational cost and customer satisfaction.


Stakeholder alignment
Customer journeys
Concept catalogue
App prototype
Visual design
Design system
User tests


Becoming #1 travel companion in Denmark

DSB aimed to create a top-rated mobile app, envisioned as Denmark’s favourite travel companion. With rapid changes in the transportation sector and new market entrants, DSB must adapt to attract and retain passengers.


Simple and intuitive travel experience for all passengers

The app update offers easier ticket purchasing, improved seat selection, enhanced journey planning, and a loyalty points system redeemable at 7-eleven for food and drink.

750k downloads after 3 months
1.2 to 4.6 increase in the App Store rating
17% of all tickets are made in the app

How we work

Analysing, building, prototyping

From the outset, the process was centered around human needs, prioritizing user needs. Duckwise and DSB teams collaborated closely to craft user journeys, personas, and streamline flows.

This collaboration culminated in an app that offers intuitive navigation and comprehensive support for passengers’ travel requirements. It seamlessly integrates product offerings, payment systems.

“The new app has given us more satisfied customers and the ability to adapt the app to their needs quickly and efficiently”

Jörg van den Berk, Vice President, Sales & Customer Services